Magento Project Management

Has your Magento project gotten out of control?

We have the solution for you...

Magento project management services from Landmann InterActive takes advantage of our years of experience working with the Magento ecommerce platform. We have handled these problems and many more:

  • Developer gone missing
  • Coding not following best practices
  • Broken themes
  • Broken module installation
  • Poor cross-platform testing
  • No version control
  • No development or testing site
  • No documentation
  • Version upgrades

How we can help

When your site comes under our project management services, here is what you can expect:

  • Clear communication with a developer who is assigned to and knows your site and its goals
  • Set up and manage a development site. This is used as a test environment for new features and updates.
  • Manage the codebase
  • Interact with module or extension developers for modifications or bug fixes
  • Use our local developers to fix and modify the code
  • Test configuration settings
  • Keep the code under version control
  • Provide administrator training, including PDF documentation and video walk-throughs of features or admin area configuration
  • Provide ongoing maintenance
  • Help manage your server
  • Provide detailed, understandable billing statements

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