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Is your Magento site losing new customers at the signup? We have a solution that can help with that.

Announced at the x.innovate conference in San Francisco in September, 2011, PayPal Access will help ecommerce sites that are losing signups due to falloff. PayPal Access works with the Magento ecommerce platform as well as others.

Why Use PayPal Access?

  • Access to more users – PayPal has over 100 million active users
  • Enhanced Customer Experience – Helps eliminate customer resistance to signing up on your site
  • Better Return Customers – Customers are more likely to return if they can log in more easily
  • Associated with a Trusted Brand –  PayPal is a brand that is trusted worldwide

How PayPal Access Works

PayPal Access allows a new user to a site to register for that site by signing up using their PayPal account. Using a simple form with the PayPal user ID and password, the system communicates behind-the-scenes with Paypal to check the credentials and create a new user account on the Magento site – all seamlessly in the background.

Getting PayPal Access Installed

Landmann InterActive specializes in Magento e-commerce platform sites. We can help install and test the PayPal Access module to allow your site to capture more sales.

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